What is Eye Kandy?

Eye Kandy is a Special line of Glitter Products that can be Safely Applied to your Eyes, Lips, Nails, or Skin.

Its unique, Liquid Sugar Adhesive Base sets it apart from all other glitter cosmetics. The Liquid Sugar Base offers Incredible Endurance that will hold your Glitter on all day without flaking off into your eyes and onto your face. Liquid Sugar is water based and is safe for sensitive skin.

Eye Kandy Glitter Sprinkles currently come in 60 different colors! (See our Color Chart Below)

Begin with an Eye Kandy Bag, which includes a 1 oz Liquid Sugar, a Brush, and Three Colors of your choice. Add additional colors as you want.  There's no pre-packaged kit so you get to pick your favorite colors! Our Kandy Bag can last for up to 400 applications!

Eye Kandy is the SAFE alternative Dance Teams, Cheer Teams, and other Stage Performers have been searching for.  You can now have sparkle wherever you need, and with 60 colors, you can show your team spirit or match any costume.  No more messy gels, or glue; No worries of scratchy Glitter your eyes.